Modest Summer Slaying

I am painfully aware that modest clothing is SO not hot in this day and age but hear me out. While retailers are encouraging us to flaunt our wares in revealing and increasingly barely-there outfits – especially so in the recent beautiful weather we’ve had (scorchio!) – I say we regain the exclusivity of our form and cover our bits and pieces in style.

There’s a saying much-beloved of meme-makers who also believe modest dressing to be where it’s at: if you dress like a piece of meat, you’re going to attract dogs. I have heard some ladies complain that the attention they receive from men is overly focused on their body parts but, as they are complaining, their said parts are hanging out for all to see and drool over. Right…

Now I am the last person qualified to judge anybody for anything but, dear beautiful women, whatever happened to us dressing to please ourselves instead of everyone else? And why can’t doing so translate into fabulously stylish, classy and flattering outfits that leave something to the imagination?

Feast your eyes on these examples of modest yet totally bomb diggity (did I just say that?) style choices…






See? It is possible to stay cool in warm weather without baring all! And, by the way, it has actually been proven that you stay cooler wearing loose-fitting clothing rather than exposing bare skin to the sun. So there.

Here’s me doing smart(ish) on a hot Sunday, wearing dusky pink shirt by H&M, white textured skirt by M&S, flat snake and suede sandals also by H&M and minimalist accessories from New Look and Michael Kors:


I take enormous pleasure in knowing that what I’m ‘working with’ (ahem) is exclusively for my own and my husband’s eyes. Even before I was married, I actually enjoyed picking out what to wear with modesty in mind, knowing I could slay without sky-high levels of flesh being exposed. I suppose I’ve always been someone who enjoys going against the grain and it seems that, in having this viewpoint in today’s flesh-thirsty society, I’m staying true to form.





Pound Shop and Proud

Is anyone still reluctant to admit they shop at pound shops? Or has the recession made pound shops trendy? I for one have always loved them. Why on earth would you pay more for the same thing elsewhere?

I looked around my home and realised so many things were found in pound shops that I thought I’d do my bit to banish pound shop shame and share with you the surprise finds I’ve seen in pound shops on my travels. (And, no, I’m not talking about bin bags and kitchen roll.)

1. Candle holders
There’s nothing like candlelight to help you feel relaxed and cosy on a quiet evening. Poundland usually has a varied selection of candles, holders and votives for you to choose from.




2. Photo frames
We love photo prints in our house so we have a lot of photo frames dotted about the place, most of which came from pound shops.



3. Plant pots
Have you seen these pots though??


They make fabulous caddies for kitchen utensils, pen pots, oh, and for putting actual plants in. They’re from the Charlie Dimmock range at Poundland and they fit in perfectly with a rustic, shabby chic or ‘beautility’ look. Yep, I said beautility: beautiful/utility. Moving on…

4. Coasters
Practical, yes, but they don’t just have to be functional; the humble coaster can be a stylish accessory in its own right! I love my crackle mirror coasters and use them underneath pillar candles for a gorgeous sparkle as well as for drinks.


So go on, go out there, find your nearest pound shop and look at their home accessories in a new light. Beautify your home for less! And pick up some kitchen roll while you’re at it.

Wearable Metallics


I like shiny things. In fact, I love ’em. In my home I’ve used metallic accessories to add a luxe touch to what is quite a neutral black, white and grey scheme (see ‘Marvellous Monochrome’ post) but I also love wearing shiny fabrics and accessories.

I happen to live near a Matalan outlet store. I very rarely go in, more out of Eden not being a fan of long shopping trips than anything else, but this week he was kind enough to allow me to peruse their ‘30% off already discounted items’ sale. (Thanks, son.)

That’s how I found what may well become my new favourite t-shirt; a very wearable metallic silver short-sleeved top with a pocket detail on the front. Very minimalist. Very easy to wear. Very shiny.


I now have quite a collection of clutch bags, some of my favourite of which are the ones with a metallic finish. Take, for example, this one; a superb example of what I affectionately call ‘trashy chic’:


Very maximalist. Very fun to rock. Also very shiny.

DKNY have got the right idea:


As have Topshop and H&M:



Metallics are pretty much everywhere right now so if you want to experiment, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something you like to suit every budget. Plus, they’re a super-easy way for busy mamas to look great without having to spend ages getting ready: a gold or silver top thrown on with jeans rocks, as do metallic trainers or ballet flats. Effortlessly glam. Shine on!